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Legal Audio Transcription Service UKTranscript Solutions provides Legal Audio Transcription UK for Solicitors, Police, Court Proceedings, Judges, Attorneys and Court Clerks. Being conscious of the knowledge required, we only hire transcriptionists who have experience in a range of legal areas including Matrimonial, Divorce, Domestic and Commercial Conveyancing, Litigation, Children, Local Authority, Arbitration, Employment, Personal Injury, Social Housing, Immigration and Debt Collection.

You can rest assured that your submissions will be kept confidential and will be handled in a secure and professional manner. We understand that traditionally legal audio transcription is carried out in-house due to confidentiality issues. However, with modern security techniques and our safe and secure procedures, you could be saving a vast amount of money by outsourcing your legal audio transcription to Transcript Solutions. By saving on no longer hiring a full time audio typist and only transcribing material as and when needed, it’s worthwhile considering using our legal audio transcription service.


Legal Audio Transcription UK:

  • Divorce Legal Audio Transcription Service
  • Employment Legal Audio Transcription Service
  • Conveyancing Legal Audio Transcription Service
  • Claims Legal Audio Transcription Service
  • Family Legal Audio Transcription Service
  • Immigration Legal Audio Transcription Service
  • Dictation Legal Audio Transcription Service
  • Courtroom Legal Audio Transcription service
  • Witness Legal Audio Transcription Service


If you’re looking for quality, quick and accurate UK Audio Transcription, then please contact us for a quote. We can get a quote to you within a few hours and are more than happy to format your transcript according to your needs.