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Interview Audio Transcription Service

Interview Audio TranscriptionTranscript Solutions can save you time with our Interview Audio Transcription Service. Whether you are a journalist, student, solicitor, business manager or economist, we can help! You can rest assured that your submissions will be kept confidential and will be handled in a secure and professional manner.

We are aware of the significance, detail and knowledge required when transcribing interviews across a range of sector, and so hire audio typists who are experienced and knowledgeable in many areas. After years of providing audio transcription services for businesses, solicitors, students and jouranlists, we can claim that our transcribers have acquired a sound knowledge of the different types of transcripts required.


Our Interview Audio Transcription Service offers:

  • Recruitment Interview Audio Transcription Service
  • Disciplinary Interview Audio Transcription Service
  • HR Interview Audio Transcription Service
  • Verbal Agreements Transcription Service
  • Business Interview Audio Transcription
  • Journalist Interview Audio Transcription
  • And much more!

If you’re looking for quality, quick and accurate UK Audio Transcription, then please contact us for a quote. Our pricing for 2 speaker audio starts from 90p per audio minute – cheaper than our competitors. We can get a quote to you within a few hours and are more than happy to format your transcript according to your needs.