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Corporate Transcription Service

Corporate Transcription ServiceTranscript Solutions are one of the leading corporate transcription services in the UK. We can accommodate complex request and will work hard to provide quality transcripts to suit your needs. Our service is always confidential and we can provide a confidentiality agreement, should you need one. You can rely on us to transcribe your events, board meetings, disciplinary hearings, presentations, conference calls and much more. Multiple speakers are not a problem when order our corporate transcription service. Many of our current business clients have ongoing contracts with us, meaning that we can get to know their business well, as well as provide amazing discounts.

Rest assured, your transcripts will be professionally formatted, labelled and accurate. Let us help you save time and focus on other aspects of your business. Our UK corporate transcription service is available for many types of projects, including the following:

– Board Meetings
– Events
– Conferences
– Conference Calls
– Annual Meetings
– Surveys
– Training Sessions
– Focus Groups
– HR Interviews
– Presentations

Our transcribers are all UK based with vast sector experience. This means that they have in-depth knowledge of business terminology, sector anachronisms, locations and businesses. They are trained in handling mutliple speakers, different accents, background noise and complex projects. At Transcript Solutions, we want to provide you with the best possible solution for your business needs.

Why use our UK corporate transcription service?

Meeting transcription

Whether you have audio from board meetings, annual meetings, conference calls or informal discussions, our UK corporate transcription service can help. With the help of our experienced audio typists with industry experience , you will receive a quality, accurate transcript. Our transcripts are quality checked and proofread before being returned to you, ensuring that you receive the highest service possible.


Here at Transcript Solutions we handle your corporate audio transcription with the highest level of confidentiality agreement. If you need a confidentiality agreement ahead of us starting your project, just let us know.

Experienced staff

If you let us know a short description of the nature of your audio, we can assign a transcriber that’s suitable for your audio. We take the time to research and double-check the business terminology used and will always provide a quality transcript. Our staff are very experienced and committed to their roles here at Transcript Solutions.

Please contact us for a quote, or a friendly chat.